Smart numbers are used by many businesses and individuals in the UK in order to present themselves at a national level with a contact number which is not linked in to a specific area or region. There are many benefits of using a non-geographic number that compliment this basic purpose, including the ability to re-route calls to the number on to various telephones, voicemail services, mobiles and many other options.

Smart Numbers; 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0333, 0303, 0871 or any local area code.

Key benefits of our Smart numbers are.

Improved marketing control by monitoring campaigns with call logging and recording.

Disaster recovery allows you to instantly re-route your calls to alternative destinations.

Call recording solutions, allow you to monitor the quality of calls received within your business.

Network based call queuing, prevents your business being ENGAGED.
Network IVR solutions allow you to provide automated messaging to route to other departments/sites.

Management reports (on call volumes, lost calls, answer times).
Cost savings on inbound call routing.

Access to all of the above via a secure web portal, allowing you to make changes and monitor quality from anywhere in the world.